Big Pimpin

February 9th, 2005

My pimp handle is Fine Ass Wickline Flava. What’s yours?

So I’m off to work in 15, but thought I would introduce a new coworker, a little someone I’ll call VietFab. VietFab is the office’s supremely suave and charismatic Buddhist programmer. One day during a discussion about religions he noted that while catholics had their bad rep for drinking, etc, Buddhist’s achilles heel is gossip - they just can’t get enough.

Anyone who has ever gone to a nail salon knows this is true. I always wonder, if like in the Seinfeld episode, the Asian ladies are twittering in their foreign tongue about the horrendous state of my dry, unkempt cuticles, or if they are making jokes about my hairy, hobbit toes.

And with that wonderful visual in your heads… we’ll continue.

So the Buddhist is talking about gossip and the Catholic in the room (Nice Guy) asks “is it really a sin to gossip?” The Buddhist replied loudly with a Hell Yeah!

And for some reason that really cracks me up. A buddhist yelling hell yeah!. Do Buddhists even believe in hell? And isn’t it a sin to curse? But if you’re a Buddhist, and you conceivably don’t believe in hell, is
“hell” a curse word? If you’re Buddhist is saying “hell yeah” the equivalent to saying “pass the cheese” or something equally benign? For that matter, if a train leaves one station going 45 miles an hour in an east bound direction, and a second train leaves a southbound station going 20 miles an hour at what point to they intersect? At what point do they crash? Do they crash at all?

Ponder that one folks.

The Buddhist has got me thinking deep thoughts already.

One Haus Call for “Big Pimpin”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Are the trains on the same track? Are you an observer who is stationary or moving at the speed of light? Oh, and don’t drop the cheese on Hanni’s toes lessen you need fiber and you’re a D positive.

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