Kanker Strike

February 28th, 2003

I have had the *worst* kanker sore for about a week, and I totally suspect it is spreading. This freaks me out as I no longer have health insurance and a spreading of anything on my surface has serious freaky potential. I read online that beauty masks, of all things, can cause the sores. Apparently they push your lips into your gums or some junk, and wa la, a disgusting/painful kanker sore is born.

And this makes sense, because last Saturday (about a week ago) I went on a primping binge and applied said beauty mask - who knew it could be so hazardous. It came via post from france and had a lovely, fresh scent.

And I’m cringing, because I know that when this sore goes away, I will have to apply said mask one more time, just see if it is indeed the cause of the chaos.

Hey there’s a party in my mouth, and i’m miserable!

This kanker sore business is pretty serious - it’s a universal plague as evidenced by my search results in Yahoo. In addition to English pages on the subject, I found sites named “Medicijnen en kanker“, and “Lima Belas Cara Alami Untuk Mencegah Kanker Payudara”, etc, etc. Of course I think the latter may refer to a religious diety because I found a (seemingly) related page called “Praise Him - Kesaksian - s005 - Berkat dari kanker” that had a little girl praying on it.

And I’m praying to. Praying this cursed ulcer will free itself from the warm and pleasant confines of my mouth.

Why I gots to be all hospitable like that?

On a more serious note I would just like to say rest in peace Mr. Rogers. You made a difference in the lives on children and adults alike, and you will be missed.

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