The Kids are Alright, Really

February 20th, 2003

I must have a bungled psychic connection with my family. Twice yesterday I got semi-frantic calls from my parental units. The calls came from S.K. Dad and Maaa who, many of you may know, have been divorced for well over 20 years now. Curiously, without consulting each other, and of their own accord, the two both tried to reach out and touch someone - aka me.

This is weird, because I haven’t called S.K. from Va since, oh, maybe last October? And Maaa never calls during the week - she is busy with church, class, etc. Maaa and I usually converse via email, and every other week we heat up the phone lines with our lengthy yammering sessions.

Maaa’s message came about 10pm HT (Hänni Time). As there is a four hour time zone difference, it was only about 6 MT (Maaa Time). She sounded very panicked on the phone, saying someone had called and left the lonely word, “Mom”, on her answering machine. It could have been either me or Spank, but she was sure it was me. She said I should call her this weekend.

She called me “precious girl”.

I love Mom.

So S.K. called earlier that day at like 2:30 HT, which if you do the math kids, it’s about 11:30 SKT. He called and said he “just felt” that he had to talk to me, and was hoping I was okay. In addition to S.K.’s excellent beer drinking, fishing, and kilt-wearing skills, S.K. has also been known to have psychic premonitions reminscent of America’s favorite clairvoyant, Miss Cleo.

Before hanging up S.K. called me “Sugar Pie”

I must be a precious sugar pie - type girl. Yay!

So anyway, as they both left phone messages, I haven’t talked to either in person. My life is not particularly heinous right now, save the fact that I am actually *excited* about eating at Diarreatrick tonight (for free brownie sundaes, wild horses couldn’t keep me away).

And now I’m all nervous from these calls. All these things are running through my head like is something going to happen to me? Why am I suddenly getting phone messages asking if I’m okay? Am i projecting negative energy? If so, can I learn to channel that energy to defeat my enemies? Can I learn to channel that energy into telekinesis? Will the telekinetic powers render me capable of reaching my remote control off the tv from the comfort of my twin-sized bed? Have I gone too far? Is this too much?

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