Another Smelly Story

August 8th, 2002

Job with Summer Conferences - finished yesterday.
Job as Resident Advisor Coordinator - started today.
Time living in M.egg - it’s over dude!
Sad about leaving M.egg - heck no ~ that place has roaches!

In addition to the roaches, people from the Middle East began to move in, and they are a bit stinky. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a hater. I myself am a brown person. It’s just, I’m not sure if in their country they use deodorant, or if they bathe every day, or if the food they eat makes their skin smell weird, but i tell you what, M.egg is now wreaks-ville. Before I left, I met this nice kid named Mohammad. He’s a grad student, and very charismatic. The only bad thing is, he would leave a smell trail so palpable, I could tell you exactly where he had been.

One night I went into the lounge, where I smelled that Mohammad had been to the vending machine to get a Little Debbie snack cake.

And I am not the most pro-deodorant person in the world. In actuality, I haven’t consistently worn deodorant since I was in highschool. I’m not really sporty, and when I do go to the gym I come home immediately and shower, so I figure I don’t need it so much. Plus, some people say it contributes to breast cancer in women, and I’m not all about that. In any event, if I’m saying a kid needs to wear deodorant, than i’m for real - it’s serious!

So I’m aggravated, because in my move to Payne (v. nice, airconditioned w/ a private bath), I seem to have misplaced my glasses. I know those junx are around here somewhere, and that kills me. So I’ve got to sit here and squint at my computer screen.

I bet I look like Grandma Daisey, all hunched over my desk, face four inches from the monitor. All I need to complete this image is a bottle of geritol, dentures to take out and scare the grandkids with, and polyester pants pulled over my belly button. Ugh, must go hunt for glasses NOW.

file this under: go granny, go

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