Social Season

June 21st, 2002

Everybody I know has a birthday in June, and I think I’m going to be broke from all the present shopping I have been doing. Of course, I’ve never been one to complain about shopping.

So here’s a few people I know that have birthdays in June: Mom, CG Dad, Step Mom, Larry “who let the jew out” Leventhall, Aunt Sue, Aunt Janet, Angelface’s Daddy, Angelface’s sis, and Angelface. Back home in the 49th state my parents host something we call the “June Party.” Since the ‘rents and all their friends were born in this auspicious 6th month, we bring out the tables and folding chairs for one huge birthday celebration. It’s good times. Last year it was the June/Garden/Hänni’s going back to school Party. I made fruit shikabobs, meatballs, punch and cake with real pansys stuck to the top. Last year’s party was actually in August.

Again, it looks like the June party will be held in August. CG’s doing a lot of work fixing up the house, and mom has done some serious garden revamping. In short: things are a little chaotic on the home front, and party postphonement will occur.

So, Larry turned 21 last week. Happy Birthday LLCoolJew. I’m so proud. He-who-never-drinks-more-than-a-bacardi-silver actually had about 15 shots that night and didn’t end up peeing his pants, or vomiting on anyone. (of course his roommate Besser wasn’t so fortunate, and hurled all over his sleeping girlfriend at 3 a.m., but that is another story.)

Angelface turns 21 Tuesday and we’re all very excited, especially Smug Ell who will be his drinking drill instructor. The Smug One is great for 21sts- she’s tough, she’s dedicated, and she won’t take no for an answer. I attribute the success of Larry’s extreem drinking to Smug who literally commanded him to drink his buttery nipple in three tries. There she was, lit cigarette dangling from one hand, the other pointed sharply at the mountain of drinks placed before little Lare.

God Bless you Drill Sergent Smug, H䮮iHouse salutes you, and looks forward to your participate at Tuesday’s Angelface Event of the season!

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