make your own boy band!

November 11th, 2001

Did anyone else catch O-Town on MTV’s Brand spankin new music week? Can we say holy hotness?

what a band, what a band,
what a mighty good band….
ooh boys, you so crazy
I think I wanna have yo baby
sung to the tune of Salt-n-Peppers what a man

Anyway, I found this new game that i think is really fun. It’s sponsored by and you get to make your own boy band , in kind of in a choose your own adventure type deal.

after failing myserablly at my first attempt with the boy band, “2hottie”, i discovered enormous success with “fallnlove”. Fallnlove is comprised of the Jamie, Joe, Zack and Ricky. There is a class clown, Rich Kid, Mr. sensitive, and a tough guy. They went on to get a number one hit. Here’s how it happened: After seeing them perform at the mall, Bonnie Fluharty falls in love with the dreamy guys in fallnlove. She goes on Ricki Lake’s “Rea-y or Not, I Think You’re Hot!” secret admirer show to try to meet them. When fallnlove come out and perform “ass dance u.s.a.,” Bonnie starts crying and the crowd goes wild. A week later, they’re getting calls from Christina Aguilera’s manager, who sees dollar signs in dynamic stage show and tight butts.

woo hoo! Think you can beat that?

Readers challenge: make the band

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