We Got A Hot One Tonight

May 24th, 2006

Alright kids it’s been 8 weeks of American Idol Cocktail Countdown madness and tonight it all come down to this …

I’m about to get retarded and it’s all your fault.

Your votes have been counted. The Internet has spoken. You wanted to get me wasted, so you chose Stephanie’s Coke Lobster to be the winner of the AI Cocktail Countdown. Although its probably foolish to do so, I will be toasting this tasty brew—as promised—at the American Idol Finale Party tonight.

That being said, I cordially invite you, dear hannihaus readers, to join me in my jackassery. Please, should you feel so compelled, *do* play along at home.

For those who are tossing back the ‘Lobster at 8/7 central, you will need to do the following:

1. Gather ingredients.

You will need:
Crown Royal


2. Mix your booze.

- Fill shaker with ice.
- Then fill shaker halfway with Crown Royal.
- Add about ¼ shaker of cranberry juice (about an inch from top)
- Add a shot of Chambord (more or less to taste)
- Top with a splash of Coke
- Shake it like a polaroid pitcha

3. Freak dance with strangers.

- Bonus points if the stranger is wearing renaissance garb and/or looks like a member of Swedish pop sensation, ABBA

4. Lather, rinse, repeat.

* If you can’t/choose not to do the booze (Cze-Johnson Carrie, Spanky, whoever), please enjoy a nonalcoholic Coke at 8/7C. It’s the real thing.

*If you promised to tip one back, I know who you are (villiage idiot, mrtl, fil, CFTP, whoever else). You better do it … and you better send me incriminating photographs that I can post on my blog lovingly admire in private.

Alright time to party. Til next, dear hannihaus readers, adieu!

7 Haus Calls for “We Got A Hot One Tonight”

  1. mrtl Says:

    I’m not making excuses. I’m just bitter.

    First off, I boycotted this whole sham of a contest — speaking of the Get Hanni Wasted Campaign, not the show — when my favorite, the caramel one, was booted by override without just cause. Even more egregious was that the replacement — vodka? — was the next drink to go. I am so over it. grumble

    Second, my husband is working tonight and I have promised him that I’d wait to watch the finale with him (tomorrow morning probably). I’m hopeful that I can avoid hearing of the results, as I didn’t hear about Chris being booted off till I watched the tape a week late. Read that: I shall not be getting online tonight or tomorrow, so don’t expect any pictures anytime soon. (Maybe not at all. I’m just lazy these days.)

    Despite these issues, I am a woman of my word and shall have a drink in honor of good drinks who never get the girl. Since I won’t have the time to get out to buy more liquor tonight, I’ll have to make do with what I have… Mike’s Hard Green Apple, a margarita or wine. (We have some Guiness in the fridge, but I hate that shit if it’s not in beer bread.) Maybe I’ll make some beer bread, too, and wash it down with a diet coke for posterity. I don’t think coke and tequila go well together.

    Have fun tonight! Don’t drink and drive!

  2. The Village Idiot Says:

    The drinkin’ has begun at the Chez.

    Have fun, enjoy the show and be safe.
    and yes, we expect pictures.

  3. Cze-Johnson Carrie Says:

    dude… I may not be allowed to drink tonight, but I am *SO* freak dancing with an ABBA singer!


    have fun, everyone!!! don’t forget to take asprin before you go to bed, Hännicakes!!!!

  4. kerri Says:

    Oh, the excitement! this evening. GetHanniTrashed2006! and the finales of Idol, Lost AND Top Chef! I am headed out this instant! to find someone reliving the renaissance through questionable fashion choices with whom I can shake it.

    Also, I recently discovered I have some RandomHouse publishing connections and said (pseudo) connection stood in an elevator with one of the producers of Idol and said producer, being mostly twelve and apparently excited, told her who won.

    If anyone wants to buys me a shot of chambord, or hands me some cash, or tickles me, I’ll tell.

  5. the village idiot Says:

    Oh wait till you see the shenanigans.

    Hope you had fun too.

    The idiot

  6. stampydurst Says:

    Dammit, the internet demands pictures. Hopefully, you were sporting the faux-hawk. It photographs so well.

  7. Hänni Says:

    mrtl - I apologize for any undue distress my substitution of Vodka Swish for Carmel Coke has caused. This was a difficult decision for me, being as vodka is *not nearly* as likely to make me freak dance with strangers as carmel liquor is. And you know I like freak dancing with strangers.

    That being said, I appreciate your dedication to the countdown and I hope you enjoyed your Mikes Hard Green Apple/margarita/wine as much as I have enjoyed your participation.

    Cheers dear!

    The villiage idiot - OH MY SWEET LORD. You got half nekkid for the haus! Now *that’s* what I call true jackassery. As such, I am saluting you in my sidebar. You really know how to put the “art” in retarted.

    Cze-Johnson Carrie - Yes dear, you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life. I see you girl, I watch the scene, you are the dancing queen.

    Kerri - Well I already know who won, but I’d like to tickle you anyway … you know, just for the hell of it.

    Stampydurst - Amazingly, I wasn’t rocking the faux last night. I’ve got this new ‘do, I call it Joan Jett Circa 1981. It is awesome. And you can only see it here at the haus. Stay tuned!

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