Mr. Lover Can Wuh?

July 13th, 2005

Yesterday, very randomly someone IM’d my yahoo, mwahahahanni. Initially I was v. excited b/c I figured it was a haus fan - someone who read the post where I messaged Manuel, and wanted to know more about me.

All access hannihaus, you could say.

But it became apparent two messages into the conversation that this person had other ideas. This Mr_Lover_Can was way more interested in my a/s/l than my b/r/ain.

Obviously, the conversation ended shortly thereafter, but it got me thinking. What can Mr. Lover do? (Besides cyber and annoy people who would otherwise be working).

Mr. Lover can dance the fandango?

Mr. Lover can curdle cheese from ten yards away with telekinesis?

Mr. Lover can make a shelter out of coconuts and kidney beans?

Mr. Lover can swoon, smile and beguile hairy-lipped lunch ladies?

Mr. Lover can whip up a souffle whilst simultaneously performing brain surgery?

Mr. Lover can get Lindsey’s boobs back?

Mr. Lover can wear a leather loincloth to church and a suit and tie to sleep in?

Mr. Lover can burp the alphabet, backward?

Mr. Lover can light his farts on fire and call it performance art?


Hannihaus readers, what do you think? For a good time, comment on what Mr. Lover can do. There’s a prize in it for you! Anyone who submits gets to be published on what is officially The. Best .Blog. Ever. (No, I’m not talking about Celebrity Smack, though that one gets an honorary mention. Any site that shows Beyonce’s panties is a-okay in my book.) But really, to clarify, Hannihaus is The. Best. Blog. Ever… so let’s post folks, and you can ride my coattails to infamy and beyond!

4 Haus Calls for “Mr. Lover Can Wuh?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps you might mention to random IMers right off the bat that u r too old for pedophiles. But it was probably jogger jock or someone you know anyway.

  2. QueenBean Says:

    Hey this isn’t about what Mr Lover can do… post about what mr lover does. And no, I do not have any affiliation with whoever mr lover is…. this is all in good fun folks!

    And as for Gym Jock, we shouldn’t speak maliciously as Senor Don Gato has informed me he’s one of the victims of Viagra and can no longer read or participate in posting at hannihaus

  3. BeyondTheStairs Says:

    Mr Lover can watch movie previews at the theater and resist the urge to comment on whether he will or will not see that movie when it comes out?

  4. Spicy Pants! Says:

    We like you too!

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