Instant Message

July 8th, 2005

Erm, in addition to my Water Transfer Procedure, I guess I should write the How-To-Embarrass-Yourself-At-Work-With-The-Flagrant-Misuse-of-IM protocol. Apparently, I am an expert at this sort of thing. Obeserve:

5 Haus Calls for “Instant Message”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    That sounds crazy!!! Did you or Manuel get in trouble???

  2. Anonymous Says:

    There must be a reason they call it “work” instead of “play”, ya think maybe? But then Tiggers don’t like to use shovels. You are a treasure and a never ending source of joy and inspiration in this often uncomprehendable human condition. Ah, yes, that’s my girl. The one with egg on her chin. And shirt. And pants. And shoes.


  3. QueenBean Says:

    Miraculously Manuel and I are *not* in trouble. I don’t call it, A Very Hip Software Company for nuthin.

  4. QueenBean Says:

    Haha CG! And that’s why you oft say “H�nni you’re a mess, but I still love you.”


  5. Anonymous Says:

    Here’s a well kept secret. Everybody seems messed up in a unique way. This is why I keep telling you to find out who you really, truly are. The more you figure out the things that you believe about your self that are simply not true and feel the feelings that they cause, whatever the cause of them, the more free and happy you will be. Every human being deserves this. You are truly a gifted and wonderful person. You too deserve to know that along with your gifts on one side of you are your sensitivity and vulnerabilities on the other side. As you find your self you learn to balance the tension of these opposite aspects within you. We all bounce our identification from one aspect to the other, especially when wounded or angry. This must be an intelligent universe to make it so that when you look at someone that you really like or someone that you despise you are being given the cosmic gift of a glimpse into an aspect of who you truly are. All of our blessed personal defenses and the brick walls we build with them are like a two edged sword. They keep others out but they also imprision within. I thank you for the things that you have taught me about my self. No, my darling ghrl, you are not a mess, you are real and I adore you just as you are.

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