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September 26th, 2001

so again, i’m avoiding homework to blog (is there a pattern developing here?) anyway, so i guess my aura is orange, which means ” mental stability and clear thinking. Psychologists and philosophers often have this aura… ” see i’m not crazy! So, i’m feeling very smart. Just how did I determine the color of my aura? Well I used my cinderblock walls as a backdrop, took off my glasses, noticed i had brown eye pencil smeared from my eyeball to nose, did a quick inventory of everyone i had seen since applying said eye pencil and decided the only person i cared about who may have noticed was Glade ~ and Glade has seen me in the morning which is twenty times more horrible than the pencil incident, (think big hair, crustiness and drool), concluded i was okay. then, remembered i was supposed to be inspecting my aura.

so i can’t see as well without my glasses anyway, so was half - way to the recommended blurrying. Some good rock song was playing, so i started to sing a long, quickly refocused my eyes and realized my door is wide open. But then I dont care who sees me looking at my aura, it’s not like i was doing something dirty like watching internet porn. Anyway, i eventually blurred again, and i think i had a orange aura.

That is okay, but i was rather hoping for red, as red is my absolute favorite color in the world. but then i read the definition for red, and thought it sounded a little racy: “Red represents sexuality. It’s highly charged and suggests strong emotions and passions…” I mean, I am passionate about dawsons creek and, as an extension of that i’m a big fan of dc fan fiction oh and dont be me started on pacey porn … oh lord where am I?
Well my love for dawsons is not sexual in nature. that is the point.

Shout out to smug ellie for her admin work and to Angel Face - the greatest boyfriend ever - for the gummy bears

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