Rock Out With My Croc Out

August 8th, 2006

Before I start, did I just write the best post title ever? I think so…

Anyway, I usually don’t give two shits about shoes, but recently I’ve had a little crushy crush on some Crocs.

pink_crocs.jpgpink crocs: the new black?

Gardening shoes—that’s what my coworker called them.

If you’re unfamiliar, Crocs are only slightly sexier than your grandma’s galoshes. Made of a foam-like material that’s resistant to both bacteria and odor, Crocs are an orthopedists dream. Available in a variety of garish colors and showing up everywhere from the beach to the bistro, Crocs are also a fashionista’s worst nightmare.

Love em? Hate em? There are plenty of folks on both sides of the fence.

Me, I’m a fan.

… Of course I’m also a fan of jewelry made from poop, so that’s not saying much. But I digress.

moose_nugget.jpgmoose nugget earrings: they’re the shit!

Anyway, I’ll admit it. I bought a pair of Crocs today. And I did it because they’re totally trendy.

Truth is, two weeks ago I thought Crocs were super fugly. But I’ve seen a lot of the controversial kicks since, and now I think they’re fab.

It’s funny how, if you see enough of something stupid, it starts to seem kind of sweet, kind of awesome.

Yeah … so anyone else totally stoked about ?


But anyway, I’m kind of curious. What do you think dear hannihaus readers? Do we have any Crocophiles in the haus? Do we have haters interested in putting up a Croc block? Whether you’re like “oh hello” or “oh hell no,” I wanna hear what you have to say. Speak up in comments.

16 Haus Calls for “Rock Out With My Croc Out”

  1. spanky Says:

    hey hans, i’m sure those hideous items of footwear are comfortable but man, i must tell you that those are some of the ugliest shoes i have ever seen!! seeing as how i’ve always hated clogs these just sort of fall into that catagory dont they? but then again it’s not always about fashion, ya know like when chris farely was wearing the orthopedic shoes and dancing to lunch lady land, noone gave him shit about it! so wear what ya wanna wear to be comfortable but remember everyone else around you is thinking “man those are some ugly shoes.”

  2. Hänni Says:

    Spanky–for some reason your comment made me hungry. I think i’d like some hoagies and grinders, hoagies and grinders, navy beans, navy beans, navy beans, navy beans. Meatloaf sandwich!

  3. ScottyGee Says:

    I hate those things! So ugly and so stupid looking. It looks like you should be required to wear a helmet if those are on your feet. Ugh! Put on a nice pair of low top Chuck’s instead.

    Those things are so bad. So, so bad.

  4. Hänni Says:

    ScottyGee-Don’t hate the player. Hate the game. I’m a slave to fashion (and pink plastic!)

  5. Manuel Says:

    Best. Title. Ever.


    I’m with ScottyGee on the Chucks.

  6. ZP Says:

    they really caught on at school in the 2 semesters just before i graduated…and you know i wore some ugly sandals during my dorm years…but i loathe those…those…those whatever the f they are!

    i will allow it dots, but only as an experiment…i kinda wonder how long those fugly muglies will last (aren’t they made out of pool toy foam?)

  7. Sheila Says:

    I’m still on the fence about the crocs, my husband shakes his head whenever I discuss it. His grandmother, mother and grandfather all went out and got them, so whenever we go over to visit, it’s croc overload! I do have a soft spot for things that are ugly (but cute), I did buy a skinny pig, but I’m not sure if those tendancies will transfer to my feet!

  8. menoblog Says:

    Are they shoes? Or are they birth contol? They’re both!

  9. Laurel Says:

    Please, please tell me explain these shoes further. I thik they’re kinda ugly myself, but I’m intrigued by this concept of using your body heat to form perfectly to your feet.

  10. Hänni Says:

    Manuel–Chuck Taylors are *def* cool, but they are too classic for my trendsetting purposes.

    ZP–yes, they are made out of foam. But so are pool noodles, and look how cool they are.

    Sheila–My husband doesn’t know I’ve bought them yet. Hee. The Angel *will not* be amused.

    menoblog–Bwa ha ha! Comment Of The Day. Quick, someone give that girl a LOL-i-pop.

    Laurel–Will keep you updated. I’m waiting for the pink crocs to come through mail, but as soon as I get them I will unlock the mysteries of foamy feet. Should be more fun than you can shake a stick at.

  11. TLG Says:

    I, too, am totally stoked for Snakes on a Plane. Talk about truth in advertising… I know exactly what I’m going to get. Samuel L. Jackson, who’s a badass mofo, and snakes on a plane. I mean… what more do you want?

  12. marnie Says:

    Crocs - for the garden in my house. I’m not digging it. I’m warming up to the pink ones though…

    I just can’t help but say it… don’t you think they could have come up with a better title than “Snakes on a Plane”?? Your title, however, is perfection. If you had to rename Snakes on a Plane, what would you call it?

  13. Hänni Says:

    TLG–Well incorporating some boys with makeup into the movie would be nice … But I heard eye-liner lovin’, Pete Wentz (from Fall Out Boy) did the soundtrack, so I guess that *kind of* counts.

    Marnie–Hmm interesting question. How would I renamed Snakes On A Plane? Well the first answer is, I wouldn’t. Because the name is so retarded, the movie is destined to become a cult classic. If Anaconda had done it first–calling itself “Big Effing Snake In The Jungle” or something–we’d all be quoting the immortal Jonathan Hyde (whoever that is), saying, “The last time I was in water like this I had to stay up all night picking leeches off of my scrotum. ”

    The second answer is–and this is for all the My Chemical Romance fans– “Thank You For The Venom.” (I’m pretty sure you have to be a huge nerd fan to get this.)

    The third answer is Fangs In Flight: This One Takes The Snake!

    What would you rename it?

  14. kerri Says:

    Ok, first of all: I LOVE that you bought pink. Because, why not, right? Pink!

    Secondly: I try! to hate them, but sometimes they just seem so functional! So waterproof! So, well, plastic! And thus basically un-ruinable! Unless, you know, I lit them on fire or something. ; )

    Thirdly: That title! It surely beats my “Oh My, My. Oh Hell Yes.” Which is definitely not suprising, but also: AWESOME.

  15. Misty Chorin Says:

    First time on your blog, courtesy of Scotty Hotty - But when I saw this post I HAD to say something. I hate those things! I think they are worse than the jelly shoes trend from the 80’s. Unless, your 6, then you can proceed to wear anything you want because your a little kid. Otherwise, it is a crime on humanity and fashion to put those things on you feet!

    I am done now! :) :) BTW - The post title, on the other hand, was magnificent!


  16. Lazy Lightning Says:

    I love my crocs! We’re pretty responsible in my fam though - my mom has black ones and I have tan. I had green ones in my hand and just couldn’t buy due to the “you’ll get sick of the color” idea. I actually was wearing them in some of my professional wedding pix… you’ll see soon!

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