Lady Killer, Part II

September 5th, 2002

Oh god, the ants keep coming back. I think they are caffeine addicts, cause they won’t stay off my coffee maker. That’s cool. I like to turn on the pot and then flick them onto the burning plate. They melt.

ZP tried to cheer me about the whole incident. He said, “just think, you have an antfarm. A free antfarm.”

Oh no he di’int. He abused my favorite four-letter word. “Free” is henceforth only to be used in conjunction with good things like, free icecream, free socks, free crab boil. And it will be so, because I, the Queen of Free declare it so.

In response to ZP’s comment about the ant farm, I had only this to say: Well ZP, I’m pretty sure I could get gonnoreah for free too. - but I don’t think i need to go there.

no definetly not going to gonnoreah-ville.

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