this one’s got breasts boys

November 6th, 2001

Look at me, spending time blogging when i have fifty thousand papers to write. I tell you, the sacrafices one makes for an adoring public - they are numerous.

I am becoming increasingly facinated with this girl in my english class. She’s about 5′3″ and has no waist! Additionally, her hair color changes bi weekly, with the shades of coppery orange getting ever more intense with each new dyeing. But worst of all, she has a penchant for flashy spandex tops. There is nothing wrong with flashy spandex,… that is, if you are a sorority girl or hooker. In any event, coppertop, mistaking spandex as an uplift device, refuses to wear a bra and has the saggiest old woman boobs I have ever seen - Well, this is not entirely true. I saw something similar when my 84 year-old grandmother walked out of the shower with the towel wrapped exclusively around her waist. But despite the weird boobage, or maybe because of it, i really like little orphan annie. She is always smiling, and it’s always good to get a shock when she comes in wearing fuschia and yellow baby t’s - keeps me alert for the boring lecture.

Also, i just wanted to say, I have now reached total nerdhood. Prompted by a link on the Dawson’s Creek website, I signed up to have “my favorite Dawson’s Creek Character send me personal emails”. I chose Jen , and today *hurrah* I got my first e. It is as follows: “Hey! Well, after a really hard week of crying my eyes out… I’m back in Boston, alternatively exploring school and new relationships… and all the while worrying about how our friend back home in Capeside is faring. I figure the last thing he wants is people asking him that very question every 20 minutes, so I’ve refrained… I just hope he knows we’ll all be there if and as much as he needs us.
In the mean time, things are going dangerously well with Charlie… I don’t want to trust him too much because in my experience, completely trusting anyone you’re in a relationship with is a recipe for disaster. I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

Anyway, how are you doing?


Jen loves me!

Life ranking on the nerd - o - meter: 80% and rising fast

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