Gerard Way’s Lover?

September 21st, 2005

Question O’ The Day:

Ghost of You

The still on the left is the hottie from My Chemical Romance’s new, epic Ghost of You video. The gurl on the right, well that’s me. People keep telling me that I look like the MCR girl, but after having watched the video a zillion times, I’m just not sure. (View the video here.)

Even if I don’t see a definite resemblance, I am happy to be compared to a music video vixen. It’s much cooler than being likened to a… let’s say… a purple fraggle. Oh wait, been there, done that.

And yeah, what makes this comparison doubly flattering is its connection to screamo-emo outfit, My Chemical Romance which I love, love, love. Admittedly though, more than kick ass songs about prison, revenge, and cemetary drives, what I really love about MCR is its sexy lead singer, Gerard Way.

Yes, for some it’s Brad Pitt, and for others there’s Collin Farrell, Johnny Depp, or even Fabio. But for me, there is no one more crush worthy than Gerard.

Gerard Way

Dear Gerard,

If you’re reading this, I just want you to know that I have something all your other fans don’t. I am not 14. I am, in fact, old enough to smoke, drink, drive and (here’s the clincher)

have consensual sex.

Just thought you should know…



*Whew*, is it getting hot in herre?

Anyway, dear hannihaus readers, do I look like the MCR video vixen? Yay or nay? Am looking forward to your comments!

For the fans:

  • NEW! The My Chemical Romance dvd, Life on The Murder Scene has been released! It rocks. If you don’t own LOTMS
  • Wanna see the promo? Look here:Quicktime
  • Mikey Way has MySpace. .
  • Check out more I’m-obsessed-with-the-sexiness-of-Gerard-Way stuff here.

200 Haus Calls for “Gerard Way’s Lover?”

  1. Manuel Says:

    Which one is which again? You know I don’t know my right from left…

  2. Hänni Says:

    Awww, i guess that’s one vote for “yay”

  3. Manuel Says:

    You know it is! So do I look like Buddy Holly?

  4. Chris Says:

    So where’s the girl to compare you to? I just see two pictures of you! ;)

  5. Hänni Says:

    Manual - ooh eee ooh you look just like buddy holly. Oh, oh and i’m Mary Tyler Moore.

    And Chris - your silence is broken! Now I feel bad for bitching about comments.

  6. Manuel Says:

    I hate to point this out, but you just did the very thing that made Manuel fun in the first place - that’s right, it comes out right here at the Haus - and it kills me to do this…

    You misspelled my name. And you’re such a writer.

  7. Hänni Says:


  8. SpicyPants! Says:

    GF, you be da hottest! F*ck the rest, you da best. Straight up, H!

  9. SpicyPants! Says:

    Manuel, (almost typed Manual)
    Everyone makes mistakes..even the flawless bitches! ;)

  10. Hänni Says:

    flawless bitch! I’m a flawless bitch! Thank you spicy.

  11. Man About Town Says:

    Hänni, my dear, you are much more beautiful than the video vixen could ever hope to be!

  12. Hänni Says:

    MAT, dear sir, you are too kind. :)

  13. FeminaFormosa Says:

    You do look like her, but your wedding photos also make you look like Kristian Alphonso from Days of Our Lives!

  14. Hänni Says:

    Wow, i’ve never watched ‘The Days, but i googled that gurl and she’s gorgeous! Thanks for the compliment femina.

  15. Aiden Says:

    Hm. Age does not matter. Nor does gender. I’m male and I’m 17…. Gerard and I can have consensual sex anyday.. anywhere.

  16. Hänni Says:

    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!

    I’m sorry, it would just be too easy to say something nasty here. Alright kids, you love Gerard too. Woo hoo.

  17. Eva Says:

    Hey…I’m not 14 too….Well I’m 19 and still I am legal enought to smoke, drink, ermm drive and ern\mmm have sex. Hehehehhe…and I love Gerard too….

  18. Says:


    You Kinda Do.

    There Is A Resemblence.


    I Wouldnt Mistake You For Her.

    But You Are Pretty.

  19. paige Says:

    umm…yeah…no. you dont look like her…nope…
    sorry to break it to ya dear.

  20. Amanda Says:

    No, you look nothing like her…Gerard is mine…yes I own him…I’ve fucked him 69 times, and I’m only 16 biotch, so bite if you can grab it!!

  21. adaris Says:

    gerard way the sexyest guy on earth

  22. babyjordan0429 Says:

    my chemical romance

    hotest thing
    hotest band
    sexy sey lead singer

  23. Shannon Says:

    no..sorry hun..i just dont see it…

  24. blanka Says:

    gerard way its not a bitch hes a beatifull person..ok bye

  25. Shelly Says:

    I think you look Nothing like her. And if people who are 14 have a crush on Gee, i cant blame them. Doesnt matter about age or whatever.

  26. xena Says:

    i waz bored when i came across this, and now im even more bored… but you do look like her, lets celebrate…yawn

  27. *jenny* Says:

    Ya, a little bit but i can def. tell the difference. isnt that girl in the helena video too?

  28. Hänni Says:

    Jenny - I hadn’t heard she was in both videos. Is the GOY girl also in Helena? Anyone know?

  29. xena Says:

    boredom has driven me to visit again… and the pictures are still the same… so u still look like her… btw, theyve done touring havent they?

  30. xena Says:

    u kno wat would be an absolute turn off… if u actually get gerard and then he turns out to be everything u hate in a person… jeez that would suck… all this time and hope ive invested into my gerardian fantasies can be destroyed just like that… sigh…

  31. Hänni Says:

    Xena - Wow, you must be *totally* bored. And yeah, I think MCR is done for now, but Mikey is on tour with From First To Last. Also for MCR purists, the Life On The Murder Scene dvd will be out in early 2006. And don’t forget the MCR action figures - they still dont’ have them in my area yet, *le sigh*.

  32. Jacqui The Best Says:

    I agree, Gerard Way is totally hot, and you look so much like the chick in the clip

  33. Paula Says:

    xena- i doubt gerard would have any flaws, as he is flawless, he is THE perfect creature, no other.any time or hope invested in your “gerardian fantasies” are not a waste. in fact im giving you thumbs up to continue investing. as for hanni, you look like her! looking at your pictures even got me thinking that you might really be her, but to protect your true identity ,you pose as a different person… like men in black, when the aliens disguised themselves as humans, exept you chose an identical cover, very interesting disguise, and then you ask us if you two alike just to make sure we wouldnt doubt the severe resemblance, some phsycological trick. hmmmm……..

  34. xena Says:

    im not bored anymore, i bought an electric guitar and a chess board. it should keep me occupied for a few days.

    yep you still look like her hanni…

    Paula: thanks for re-enforcing my hope and will to continue my investments, but i decided to dwell upon more useful dreams, ones that someday when i get off of my ass , id be able to pursue them (if this day ever comes)…

    ps. no one’s flawless, i think we’ve all tried life enough to know it, unless some one here is less than a year old but with supernatural powers to acess the internet and post their rather preacautious thoughts.

  35. Says:

    ok about ur pic you maybe gerard ways lover i dont think soooo becaus it wasint gerards lover if ennyones it was Mikey maybe not even maybe the guy that was dancing with her and i think your face it to long to even look like her.

    so i think maybe you should take that pic off your site cuz i dont see the resemblense

  36. Hänni Says:

    Jacqui - Wow you really are the best. Thanks!

    Paula - agreed. Gee is the world’s only perfect person.

    xena - Girls with guitars rock my sox off. Good for your girly!

    KC - Thanks for the opinion. The great thing about having your own Web site is, you get to post anything you want. That being said, I think the pic will stay, just cuz i’m crazy like that :)

  37. Kirstin Says:

    You look kinda like her. You might want to think about taking a picture of you with you hair up. That might convince people more.

    ps. Gerard is mine as much as a bitch as you can

  38. Km Says:

    Hanni have you fucked Gerard Way before?

  39. xena Says:

    Hanni- thanx! the guitar is really great, im just trying to figure out how to play it lol. the other day i took a picture with me holding it and i posted it on my space, 2 days later my friend sent me an email advising me to remove it as i was holding the guitar upside down … embarassing…

    Oh! you still look like her, and dont u dare remove that picture if Kc doesnt like it then tough… she/he should go learn grammar and spelling first, then her opinions may be (not even) considered valid or of any consequence…

  40. Hänni Says:

    Kristin - I *heart* Gerard too. Maybe we can make an agreement to share once either of us snags his sexy ass fo real.

    KM - of course not.

    xenu - omg I love your guitar story. How come you never post your myspace when you leave a comment? Now I’m all curious.

  41. xena Says:

    Hanni- hey…ive posted my web site… im looking forward to your visit , make sure you leave a trace ;) .

  42. xoxo Says:

    Sry but u seriously dont look a thing like her cause u look over 40, and the girl in the movie looks under 20. sry 2 break it 2 ya and get over urself!

  43. Hänni Says:

    xena - I clicked the link, but it says site unavailable :/

  44. xena Says:

    hanni- jeez that sucks… well if you reaaaaaaallllyyyy want to see my stupid picture with the guitar upside down then add me on ur msn lol…. or vice versa…haha ur choice…. id seriously post it here in this blog but i dont think its possible, is it?

  45. vanessa Says:

    you gerard way.. you are all that i want, you’re funny, and sexy i want you

  46. ana paula Says:

    i don’t speak english.i’m from argentina but i love you gerard ass other girls…maybe much more… i think you’re a the man more beautiful of the world…i love you!!!!

  47. andrei Says:

    hey hanni! about the video vixen i just thought you were that girl, hanni!
    ….got confused!
    looking for some Gerard fotos i found this and i just loved it, and… sorry, yes. I am sixteen only, but I can love m’ too, don’t you think so???
    (you must no I farther away but who cares?? i’m mexican! heehehe!)
    love ya!

  48. andri Says:

    i just couldn’t resist it!
    why, hänni dear, don’t you try to understand this written in spanish? i mean, you’ll understand me… :’(
    it is so difficult to me understand all this stuff, and besides the new words you all add to english language! but this is crazy, i’m about to learn Italiano and portugues!
    Me encantó tu página, espero escribas algo mas de Gerard porque yo ni enterada de su vida… Plz!

  49. Hänni Says:

    xena - no matter what I do, I can’t get your msn to show up! I’d add you to mine, except i don’t have one. I do myspace though…

    andrei - Gracias por visitar mi Web site. Y sí, usted puede amar Gerard también. Definetly le consiguen bastante sexiness a circundar.

    Utilicé para entender lo que usted escribió en español. ¡Es también cómo escribí este comentario b/c que hablo solamente inglés!

  50. Halie 4 reel Says:

    you know what! your just a dirty loser! Gerard is mine!! Not literally, but I love him, at least I don’t make crap up, like you people!!!!

    Uhg!! I’m mad!!

  51. Halie 4 reel Says:

    I don’t even care if your old enough to drink, an ddo alll that other stuff, because He still won’t want you, and you don’t look anything like that lady in the video, because she’s way hotter, and again he Will NEVER want you!

  52. Jerica Says:

    Sorry to break this to you, but that chick isn’t Gerard’s girl in the video. It’s Mikey’s.

  53. Jerica Says:

    No one could love Gerard as much as I do anyway. NO ONE! It’s vertually impossible. It just can’t be done.

  54. Jerica Says:

    What no one want to challenge me and my Gerard Way skills. I’d win anyway. I am just too Gerard-worthy to waste my time with you. Hehe. I’m a little self obsessed. I AM great though. Playin’. Talk to you later. -the future Mrs. Gerard Way

  55. Kate Says:

    Some of you people are complete losers. Someone makes an entry about Gerard, and you come and make such dumb comments? God, you guys are the ones who should get over yourselves. You’re making everyone else who likes Gerard look like complete morons.

  56. Nicole Sanders Says:

    gerard way,
    I am 16 yrs. old and I go to Silvercreek high. we are trying to find out how mant autographed
    pictures we can get to hang up in the school. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send one
    to 15312 railroad st. memphis IN. 47143
    love ya always
    Nicole Sanders

  57. Amelia Says:

    Halie 4 reel
    1 learn how to spell REAL
    2 we all have a chance even if you know Gerard (which i doubt you do)
    3 what makes you think Gerard wants a self-centered brat

    Hanni I think you look just like her and this website is amazing! lol

  58. lizzie Says:

    yo pienso q le dejen, total nuk sera de ustedes

  59. Jerica Says:

    KATE: If you don’t like the things we say then you probably shouldn’t such make stupid comments yourself. We’re not the ones that need to get over ourselves. And by the way it sounds we’re not the morons, you are. Take my advise and seek somewhere else to post your thoughts.

  60. Hänni Says:

    Ok girls… let’s stop fighting. We’re all here b/c we love Gerard “sexy ass” Way, so let’s just make happy, k?


  61. Amelia Says:

    I’m sorry but we share one common intrest: Gerard Arther Way aka the sexiest man alive.

  62. Halie 4 reel Says:

    you know what people, this whole website is retarded!!
    No one is Gerard’s Fricking girl.
    He has a fricking girlfriend! F.Y.I
    so I think you shold just get rid of this stupid ass page.
    If you knew as much about Gerard as I do you would know that!

  63. josee Says:

    You look nothing like her… ¬.¬

  64. Hänni Says:

    Hailie doll, if you don’t like my page, quit coming back… it’s quite simple. And yes, I *do* know Gerard has a GF. I also know he has an affinity for diet coke, red bull and Mac makeup… but none of it really matters, right?

    I love Gerard, but this is my personal Web site, not a dedicated fansite. I write new things almost every day and most is not about Geeheart. I’m not going to remove this page, b/c it’s simply one of 300+ archived posts I’ve got going here at the haus.

    If you’re looking for an all-gerard-all-the-time site, there are tons of great MSN and LJ communities for you to join and visit. :)

  65. Jerica Says:

    Halie 4 reel: Calm down. Of course Gerard has a girlfriend. Being as perfect as he is how couldn’t he. Just because he is taken doesn’t me that we can’t dream. My Chemical Romance is HUGE so of course he’s gonna have obsessed fanatics (but none of which is quite as absessed as me) and I’m sure his girlfriend knows that.

    Amelia: Obviously your not all that interested in Gerard seeing as you spelled Arthur wrong.

    Hanni: It’s fun to fight with people you don’t know. The only bad part of fighting is losing friends and I don’t know these girls so there are no friends to lose here. I love your cite though. I love coming back to see people respond to my “Haus Call”. Please ignore all the bad comments and keep up the good work.

  66. Hänni Says:

    Ok now i’m all curious. We all know Gerard has a gurl, but has anyone seen pictures of her? I heard her name is Kat and she’s Asian… but that’s all I know.

  67. Amelia Says:

    Jerica: so sorry but you know we all make mistakes, and ask any of my friends I love Gerard but your right not as much as you guys. All I now is the basics but who really cares as long as Gerards still alive.

  68. Amelia Says:

    Jerica: you also spelled obsessed wrong see we all make mistakes

  69. Jerica Says:

    Hanni: No sorry. I haven’t seen any pictures of Gerard’s girl. But lets just say that I honesty felt like my world went to pieces when I first heard about her. I know that I wouldn’t have a shot with him but knowing that he was still single made it feel like everything was okay. Well that’s shot out of the water. I’m not bitter about it anymore. If you see or hear anything about her will you inform me? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Amelia: If your reading this then you have probably already read my thoughts to Hanni. Gerard is my world. Sorry if I come off as b*tchy. I’ve had a rough time lately. I’d inform you but you probably don’t care about my personal life.

  70. Kat Says:

    Hi Hanni and evry1,how about we all luv Gerard equally,cos we all know we will never get him.There is no point reasoning with people like Halie 4 reel because they will always think their right.
    Lovin this site soooo much,never knew people could be so harsh

  71. Kat Says:

    ooops soz forgot,yes u do look a lot like the video vixen xxx

  72. katmandu Says:

    Hi. I have a crap load of pictures with myself and Gerard. If you would like some I can email them to you…but be prepared for a big file.
    He is a very myserious person, very down to earth, quiet and shy.
    They are always tired, they haven’t slept in their own beds for years. That’s sad, it really makes you look harder at the price of fame.
    But they get to do stuff no “normal” person could afford like he went to Japan for Christmas. And a little hint if you wanna meet them,and they are in a town near you…they LOVE Starbucks, I guarentee that if you hang out at a Starbucks when they come to town you will meet one of them. It’s really funny how many people do not recognize them…It’s funny! They are all relatively small guys, Gerard is only like, 5′8 or 5′9 and a smaller build, though he looks bigger in videos.

    I found that it was hard for him to look a person in the eye for a long period of time. It was an unbelievable experience to hang out and do work with the boys from MCR. Hanni, you should get into an acting agentcies that is how they get people for videos. And if you specialize in dancing even better! When I send you the pics you’ll see which girl I am!
    I’ll play a game! lol…
    He doesn’t like the whole groupie thing…he thinks is corney. I don’t blame him it would be kinda weird people talking about you like you were a piece of meat. I dunno…he is a guy though no matter what he says he doesn’t like…and most guys are into that shit even if you are Mr. G.way.

  73. Amelia Says:

    Jerica: so sorry got a little mad i guess. sorry i so overreacted but the whole Arther thing was a typo but you know were not all perfect

    Kat: i totaly agree i know i’ll never get him its impossible but i still can dream

  74. Hänni Says:

    Amelia, Jerica and Kat - It’s so good seeing you girls get along! *mwa*

    katmandu - Hi honey! I always like to see pics. Email to .

  75. anissaannalise Says:

    Hanni! This whole thread is a damned scream! Even the parts that were so hackneyed that many of my brain cells died trying to decipher by context. ;)

    I just read your note to The Hallowed One and I love it! Dying laughing, it’s the best! Oddly enough, I hold all of those qualifications as well. Does this mean we can’t be friends anymore?! I hope not. If I have to get into a knock-down-drag-out slugfest when it comes down to you, Gee & me… I’d rather it be someone I know. Cat-fights are becoming so impersonal these days. :)

    Besides, I’ll be under enough pressure trying to decide whether to have hubby in lock down in an asylum or dropped off in a foreign country sans passport. :P

  76. Jerica Says:

    Hanni: I know isn’t it great. I’d rather make friends than lose them anyday. :)

    katmandu: Wow. How do you know Gerard. It must be pretty cool just to hang out with him. I have like been in love with him since the first time I saw the video for “Helena”. My life’s dream is to meet him face to face. It would be awsome to know him personally. No I take that back it would be paradise to know him personally. But all I’m striving for is to meet him and maybe have the chance to walk away and for him to actually remember me. I don’t think I’m a normal fan. I know that sounds cliche (sorry girls, no offense) but I’m not. Just to know that I might, in some alternate reality, have some place in his world. Though it may be a very, very small place. Sorry to bore you. Please help me to learn more about him. Right now all I have of him is his music and the pety little details of his life that every Tom, Dick and Harry knows. I’m starved for knowledge of his personal life. HELP ME!! Or us really. The peole that reads these that is.

  77. tash Says:

    hey just been flicking through your site, keep up the good work and ignore the pathetic comments!! also keep the gerard pics coming, you can never have too many!!! im so relieved to find out that there are many, many people equally obsessed with the god that is gerard way, i thought i was a weirdo, so relieved!!!

  78. Hänni Says:

    Welcome tash! You are *so* not weird. You wouldn’t beleive how many Gerard fangurls there are out there, and deservedly so. Gerard Way is supafly! But yeah, if you like to see new pics every day, you should def. check out my girl anissaannalise’s site. She posts new Gerard porn every day. And yeah, she knows *everything* about MCR, so if you’ve ever wondered what Ray’s birthday is, or what the band’s favorite lyric is, she’s the girl to ask.

  79. tash Says:

    hey thanks, just checked out the site you recommended, excuse the language, but oh my fucking god!! that guy looks good in makeup, sweat, blood, green hair and even that skeleton outfit!! is it possible to make this guy unattractive?!!! i could and probably will stare at those pics all day!!thanks

  80. ela&lavy Says:

    my chmical romance rox!grard you are god !and yes ,you are a sexxy sexxy bich!

  81. Jerica Says:

    Hey you guys what do you think about bands like Coheed and Cambria, Fall Out Boy, Greenday, Armor for Sleep and The Killers? Not to pull any attention away from My Chemical Romance or anything I’m just wondering.

  82. Hänni Says:

    Hey again Jerica! I really love MCR, but one can not survive on MCR alone, right?

    I really like Coheed and Cambria for their intensity and FOB is awesome with their x-girlfriend-hating lyrics. For hardcore MCR fans, I think and are good, similarly dark bands. Hawthorne is a lot like , which - as most astute MCR fans know - is the group that inspired Gerard to start My Chemical Romance. (In fact Thursday lead singer, Geoff Rickley produced MCR’s first album, I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love… but I’m sure we all already know that, right?)

  83. helena Says:

    hi hi hi gerard way es beatufliy its my

  84. Jerica Says:

    Hey, interpret this. I had a dream last night and it’s really wierd. I dreamt that Mikey Way was staying at my house and he had this big book of all the information in the world about My Chemical Romance only it was written in numbers and only Mikey could read it. After Mikey stayed at my house for like three days Gerard showed up and Mikey dissapeared. Then Gerard told my that Mikey had been dead for like a week. Then the rest of the band, me and my little sister hung out. Gerard was being really sweet to me and Bob Bryar was hitting on my little sis. Then Gerard gave me a stick of Double Mint gum (if anyone knows what Gerard’s favorite type of gum is I would appreciate it if you informed me) and I woke up. The dream felt so real that I made a deal with myself. I told myself that if I saw any MCR video before I had to leave the house for school (I watch music videos every morning and the music channels have slacked off on showing MCR lately.) then it was a sign of things to come but if I didn’t then the dream meant nothing and I would drop it but as soon as I turned on the t.v. the video for “Ghost of You” came on. I know I’m a little strange but I swear that is exactly how it happened. Can anybody out there help me?

  85. dresdendollspotpie Says:

    You know Gerard is almost 30 years old…and some of you guys a half his age…it would kinda make a guy feel like a pedophile if he heard what some of you youngins’ were saying about him.

  86. Jerica Says:

    I don’t know about the rest of us but I am quite old enough to give Gerard a run for his money. Besides your not really as old as the years you’ve been alive, it’s the age you feel.

  87. Kat Says:

    does it matter whet age we all are?We are dreaming and no one can stop you from doing that.I really don’t see how Gerard would feel like a pedophile,if he knew he was going to be famous then he would of known that people would like him.

  88. Amelia Says:

    Jerica: Thats Really weird
    dresdendollspotpie: so what if Im young I still can have dreams and Gerard probably knew that he might have some (ok a lot) of young fans
    I rest my case TTFN

  89. tandera Says:

    oiiiiiiii…gerard te amuuuuuuuu mto..aew sou a 1 brasileira fã numero 1 do gerard way a deixar meu recadinho aki…bjux pra todos os fãs do do mcr..fui!!!!

  90. arianna Says:

    yeah…umm…you look nothing like her…not to be mean or anything, but you really dont…at least, i see no resemblence…sorry! *a*

  91. natalia Says:

    For god if she is uglier than the dotard of a monkey ¬¬ I am a better lol

  92. Jerica Says:

    Amelia: Yeah I know it’s wierd and I just can’t get it out of my head. HELPPPPPP!

    What happened to everyone? Seems like people stopped writing. :(

  93. cony Says:

    soy de chile ,solo kiero decir k al igual k mi sangre corres por mis venas en realidad me e enamorado de gerard way y no por su fama si no por su forma de ser espero k si llegase a leer esto se conecte o escriba a eres lo mejor al igual k la muerte pero el amor es mas fuerte k la muerte

  94. bleep Says:

    you are old enough to smoke and that but you still dont no how to spell …………..


  95. ana pauña Says:

    The truth is that I do not understand anything of this, itself who is not who, neither that he treats, only itself that gerard is the prettiest type than I saw in all my life, is beautiful. I want to excuse me for the first comment that leave because recently began with this and now more or except myself doi account of what is, or something thus. Please I want to ask them that if they can explain a little more on this. Ahh, pardon, me olvidava, I am ana paula, of Argentina, to write this I used a trductor so themselves not if is well written. ..espero that understand me. An enormous kiss, especially for gerard.. I LOVE YOU!!

  96. ana paula Says:

    uy recien me doy cuenta que tambien se puede escribir en castellano..jaja..bueno espero que hayan entendido lo primero que les quiese poner,
    uy me parece que estoy siendo un poco pesada con los comentarios, jejej..
    ahh me olvidava…por favor gerard si es que tenes correo elctronico por favor conectate y agregame:
    te quiero un onton..sos mi amor imposoble!!!!

  97. Hänni Says:

    Bleep - what - pray tell - did i misspell?

  98. stephanie Says:

    ok, you look almost the same!!
    poor 14 year-old-girls they already know they have no chance with him, dont remind them that!! jejeje
    ahh and by the way learn how to spell…

  99. Hänni Says:

    OK for everyone who says I can’t spell, I assume you’re referring to “Hot in herre.” That’s an intentional misspelling honeys. I am referrencing the Nelly song.

    Please stop giving me crap. I love you all. Thanks.

  100. Jerica Says:

    Hanni: No. They are referring to me back on February 8th. Oh, well, let them talk. I don’t give a shit. I’m just glad I don’t know any of them. :/

  101. Hänni Says:

    Jerica honey, that’s horrible that people would talk smack like that.

    We love her here at the haus b/c she loves Gerard. People, please stop giving Jerica crap. Thanks.

  102. Aya Says:

    Hello, hanni this you do look like her and alot….

    one more question isent Katmandu the girl gerard says “love to you” in both cd some how i always though Katmandu was gerards girlfrien???? maybe im wrong!!!

    ps: love this page and you look alot like her…….

  103. Amelia Says:

    Sorry guys I’ve been really busy lately.
    Jerica: so sorry people have been giving crap. I can’t believe people could be so mean (even though I was).
    Hanni:way to defend you friends
    until next time peeps

  104. aya Says:

    thanx for answering my question…

  105. jazmin Says:

    ay gerard x dios esta super guapisimo y aunq to2 aqui hablen ingles yo sere la 2da que escriba el castellano!!!! sabes me lates mucho y tus canciones estan muy fetch!!!!! i love you so much you are my love imposible beliveme! yeah!

  106. jazmin Says:

    para las personas que me quieran agregar soy mcr´FAN YyYyYyEeEeEeAaAaA mAn!!!

  107. Amelia Says:

    Jerica: Hello are you there I havent heard from you much I miss our little conversations hehe :

  108. natyta Says:

    bueno no soy de su paiz pero quiero decir que gerard way se paso osea las canciones los videos son super buenos que mas puedo decir es excelente

  109. Jerica Says:

    Amelia: Hey girl. I’ve just been busy lately. Looking for a prom date and all. Good news I found one. Mission accomplished. That’ll give me more time to make Haus calls.

    All: Hey, has anyone got anymore facinating news on MCR?

  110. Amelia Says:

    Hey Jerica, I’m so glad you found someone! Sounds so great!
    About MCR: Gerard was nominated for best male something or other on TRL. Sadly he didn’t win. other than that not much.
    BY the by, has anyone ever heard Panic! At The Disco? The song I write sins not tradgies is amazing! so see (talk) to you all TTFN!!!!

  111. Alejandra Says:


  112. Jerica Says:

    Amelia: Yes I’ve heard Panic! at the Disco’s song “I Write Sins Not Tragedies”. I love the video for it. My sixteen year old little sister is afraid of clowns so it freaks her out but I love it. I wait till she’s not paying much attention to the t.v. then turn it on. Hee! Hee! :)

  113. Amelia Says:

    Jerica: I have a twin and shes never seen the video i keep tryin to splain it to her ( But I still dont get it, shes very cofusing) (and shes readin everything im saying but when your twins you almost never have any privecy)( thats right) (see she keeps buting in) and she and i are both freaked out by clowns. Its cool though I was just flipin through the channels and saw it and thought it was awesome!! So I bought it for my I-Pod and almost havent stoped listening to it. So great to hear from you !!!!!

  114. becky Says:

    GERARD WAY IS THE HOTTEST GUY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  115. Hänni Says:

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  116. aya Says:

    the new dvd from my chemical romance comes out in march 23 and the new cd comes out in july something ……………….

    ps: Gerard Way is the hottest guy ever ……….

  117. miaka and yui Says:

    hey hanni we just moved in to this new neighborhood in new jersey and we were amazed to fing out that one of our neighbor happens to be gerard way…it was like kinda funny at first to see him walk out of his house to throw the trash away..but now we’re used to seing him walk around like a normal person…

    it’s so awsome to see him at starbucks buying coffe….every now and then ……..

    you should come visit some time….. we’ll be glad to show his house….

    miaka and yui

  118. nikki Says:

    i don’t care what anybody say i still love GERARD. A .WAY and nobody is going to tell me i am to young so gave up i love him and i will always will so F**k u p.s i know gerard

  119. TRACEY Says:

    ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! gerard way y frank iero son inkreibles. amo a my chemical romance, al igual k a gerard way, pero jejejeje, se kosas sobre ellos k ustedes no jejejeeje, cof, cof, sorry, esk abeces sale mi lado maligno, bueno, alli esta mi opinion para el k le entienda, y el k no, pues nimodo, a si, y si saben castellano, por k no lo hablan, jejeje, bueno tontines adiosin, a y para el k me kiera agregar mi msn es , ay se ven amigos.^U^

  120. alessandra Says:

    Fuck it
    FUCK IT !!!!!!!
    Well i think what… ok, Gerard is beautiful seh!. Pero es un bastardo hijo de su madre. o NO????!!!
    Bueni mas vale que dejen todas de hacerce iluciones porque Geard es de Olivia ok y a mi ‘’amiguita'’ se le respeta.
    Asi que como todas sabemos que amamos a ese bombon andante que a pesar de criticas e insultos sugue en pie y a demas canta hermoso (solo en cd) ahh y que se llama Arthur Way yo creo necesario que lo siguan hasta encontrarlo, luego de ahi, lo agarran como vampiresas y le sacan tiernamente con dulzura toda la bitch blood italiana y escoseza que lleva dentro y lo dejen sin energia para que le de a mi banda la oportunidad de salir adelante…
    No creen???? JAJAJA!!!!! FUCKING EVERYBODY

  121. Amelia Says:

    alessandra: I don’t really speak spanish but wow!! I’ve never seen so many f bombs in one place!!! Actually I have I’m exadurating:p
    Jerica: I haven’t heard from you lately hope everything is great with you:p

  122. Alessandra Says:

    Hi girl.
    Here the problem is… I can’t understand english, but thanks for your comentarie.
    I know, Gerard es un bombon or no???
    Yes, seh!,
    and then why not you and I talk personalmente?
    que opinas?
    Otra cosa… VIVAN LOS VAMPIROS… jajaja!! ´_´ .º_º. ‘_’

  123. miaka and yui Says:

    why r all of you so mean to each other…asustan!!!!!!!!!

  124. Amelia Says:

    miaka and yui: We are not mean we simply comment on what others are saying wrong and then simply state the right way to say it :P Take Jerica and I as an example, we started fighting and now we are friends. See here its kinda a love hate relashionship.Hehe

  125. andrea Says:


  126. aya Says:

    hehehe but you have to admit that some of the people are pretty rude to others……

    yey my chemical romance is going to release a new cd…….;)

  127. aya Says:

    hey andrea for someone that thoesent speak inglish u write pretty good….

    used a dictionary j/j….

  128. Amelia Says:

    LIFE ON THE MURDER SCENE COMES OUT TOMORROW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait :P

  129. aya Says:

    i heard the new cd came out today is that true????

  130. Hänni Says:

    OMG yeah, I’m so ordering my copy for instore pickup from Best Buy tonight.

    Aya some people pre-ordered and got it early. Look here.

  131. aya Says:

    OMG, i am going to order the cd i didn’t know it weas really out i thought it was just a rumore yey now im so happy i need to buy that cd….

    thanx hanni your a real help…..[:mwa:]

  132. aya Says:

    what’s the mane of the dc i can only find the dvd life in the murder scene…

  133. miaka and yui Says:

    wow their new cd comes out today tjhat’s awsome can’t wait to hear the new songs.!!!!:D

  134. Hänni Says:

    Aya - the cd comes with the Life On The Murder Scene DVD. If you buy the DVD, you’ll also get the cd. Make sense *mwa* back at ya.

    Miaka and yui - It looks like the cd has the same playlist as what they use at shows, with the addition of two new demo songs at the end. Good stuff.


  135. aya Says:

    the dvd is awesome ani my chemical romance fans should buy it..

  136. Amelia Says:

    OMG!!!!!! Life on the murder scene rocks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Jerica Says:

    Amelia: sorry I haven’t written in a while. I’ve been super busy.

    Does anybody know where I can get Life On The Murder Scene in Little Rock Ar.?
    I am desperate to find if NOW!!!!!!

    Does anyone around read 1337?

  138. Bloody Kisses Says:

    kinda, the chick in the video is paler and u have diffrent size&shape ears besides that there preatty much the same

  139. Amelia Says:

    Jerrica: I’ve been really busy to. Soccer started and now I barely have any time!! Well talk to you all later!!

  140. Gerard Lover Says:

    No you DO NOT look like her, besides Gerard is WAY to sexy for you!! MCR kicks ass!!

  141. aya Says:

    wow gerard lover come down she was asking nicely…dont be rude..yes you do look like her..

  142. Stacie Says:

    You don’t really look like her,but if you are going out with Gerard tell him i luv u for me!

  143. ClAuDiTaH Says:

    �� holachas caura_!!!

    � ese men esta de lo mas chikiwawy_!!

    �� es lindo el wn, yo con el de mas po_!!

    � tengo ke puro verlo en persona…

    �� seria mas ke bkn poder conocerlo_!!

    � I lOve yOu_!! GerArd_!!

    �� tu hermano tambien esta weno_!!

    � pero me kedo con el RubiO_!!! jejejeje

    �� TaU!

    _____________________________________ ClAuDiTaH_!!

  144. ....... Says:

    maldita hija de tu puta madre , mal parida ese es mi guachito mi bb entendiste maricona?
    maldita perra, desde cuando te hisiste pasar por la novia de gee , solo lo usas para hacerte famosa hija de perra
    eres mas fea k el diablo, y te parai en la esquina y te vendes mas rapido que pan caliente recien salido del horno puta maricona culia con mucho cariño

  145. aya Says:

    look you girl hanni never said she was gerards girlfrien loser read the memo at the top stupid and if you dont like it here then dont come..

    come on sai something hanni this is the second time they sai bad things to you!!!

  146. Hänni Says:

    Aya - I don’t read Spanish, so I don’t know what that “….” says. I imagine it’s something pretty nasty though. The thing is - I don’t care! If you don’t like my blog, you don’t have to read it. xoxoH

  147. miaka Says:

    you idiots she never said she was his lover read it she asked if she looked like her gente tan ignorantes..hoy endias…porque no aprenden a leer tontas..y no acusen a hanni de algo que no saven…as for hanni props i like your page!!! and your blogs are soo kewl!!!
    p.s yes you do look like her and i don’t care what anybody else say’s!!!!

  148. Stacie Says:

    Why r u people talking in spanish?

  149. hi Says:

    don’t ever call gerard a bitch again!!

  150. Hänni Says:

    Miaka - Aww, you’re such a sweetie. I’m glad you visited hannihaus.

    “hi” - I’ll be nice to you, because you’re probably 12 and thus young enough that you don’t know any better. But when a girl calls a guy she thinks is hottie, “sexy bitch” it means she really likes him. Like a lot.

  151. miaka Says:

    to stacie
    i’m sorry i just wanted to make it clear to the people who were talking spanish that i was talking to them…and as for Hanni your welcome!:D

  152. aya Says:

    @miaka- hi, yeah people can be ignorant but hanni does look like her.
    @hanni- thats funny she got it the wronge way.”gerard is sexy bitch”

  153. Amelia Says:

    Stacie: Your brilliant!! :(
    1) READ the top Hanni isn’t going out with Gerard, she’s just infatuated with him, as are most the people on this site.
    2)Guess what!?! there are people who speak spanish in the U.S. OMG!!!! :( ,

    hi:your brilliant also!! ( I mean that hypotheticly)(My spelling isn’t that good sorry :) )
    1) Hanni meant bitch in a good way (way get it Gerard Way lol) if your saying somthing and you need to express it you say things like that. See this bitch is good, now if someone said that Gerard was a complete bitch then deck ‘em go for it girl hit ‘em one for me to. :)

    TTFN lyl

  154. Amelia Says:


  155. Jerica Says:

    Hey, Hanni. Miss me?

  156. Amelia Says:

    I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  157. Jerica Says:

    Oh really? hmmmmmm.

  158. amelia Says:


  159. rocio6 Says:

    my chemical romance es el mejor grupo que puede existir es lo mojor que hay!!!!!!!!!
    aguante gerard way!
    y la verdad esa estupides no es verdad por supuesto que no!





  160. Summer Says:

    Wow, you do look like her. Or she looks like you. You resemble one another? Yes, that…

  161. sho... Says:

    hola me parece una estupides que se peleen por Gerard porque es re lindo y a ninguna de las taradas que se pelean por el les va a dar bola ah y aclaro algo… frank y mikey son mios bastardas!!!! y si segen asi gerard tambien la que quiera aclarar algo mi msn es

  162. paula Says:

    lo mejor es mcr!! pero nu puede ser ke ….. osea?? nu lo creo….. gerard……nooooooooooooooooooo!! bueno es su decision pero = es dificil pensarlo…. besos a todos para todas las fans de mcr agregenme

  163. harrr..Monica Says:

    To be honest, I really don’t think you look “exactly” like the girl in ‘Ghost of You’ but I can see why people might think so. Slight similarities in the facial structure maybe? Anyway, to make it clear, I officially own Gerard and if I feel generous, I just might decide to share with you all. hehehe

  164. wendy Says:

    o.m.g. Gerard way is a Hott!!!!!!dued do you know what im saying

  165. Shanna Lee Says:

    No,dont see the resemblance.Maybe if I saw you two from the front….but no.

  166. Meagan Sanchez Carson Says:

    For Sho:Parece que alguien se la fumo.!!O quizas debo de llamar a la institucion de la loquera!! *mucha risa*

  167. Izzy(Izabella) Says:

    I love Gerard Way!!!!

  168. @{{y$@ Says:

    heeesssssssssssssssssss sssssssssssssoooooooooooooo hott!(but he’s almost 30
    :-( ) if yall know his fone thennn tell me ; )

  169. jessica Says:

    i hate you

  170. jessica Says:

    your soo pretty

  171. Hänni Says:

    I love you.

  172. maira Says:

    hola como estan gerard te re 1.000 amo vivo por vos y por su musica te lo juro no doy mas ,me levanto y me acusto pensando eln el , vivo llorando porque sos tan imposible te amo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. amy Says:

    nay! you look nothing like her mwhahahahaha!!!!
    buh i agree with you about gerard looking very very sexy lmao :D :D:D:P:P

  174. i met gerard in st.louis Says:

    i met gerard in st.louis. he is very funny. and sweeeeet! if u know what i mean

  175. emma Says:

    gerard i LOVE you to Bits

  176. Nene Says:

    you look like you, hehe your such a nut everyone is unique and your beautiful! embrace it ^_^ Well Gerard is indeed unbelievable, his voice is so amazing and he has a gorgeous voice that seems to make everything else in the world fall away…anyone know when MRC is coming to S.A, or if they ever are? the rumours aren’t true we don’t live in a jungle here in Joburg, the only animals are Cats and dogs! Hehe…well hey to anyone reading this and remember, don’t miss the silver lining cause your looking for gold…

  177. Says:

    hi!!!beatiful pic of gerard way ….es una banda q vale mucho!!! aguante my chemical romance… es lo mejor q me pudo pasar en la vida ….entren en mi flog….

    agreguenme : de argentina!!!

    kiss ….bye….

  178. sammi Says:

    hello i just love gerared am gonna make a webbi about him n i think mikey way is realy cute as well but GERARED omg he is soooooo fukin sexy he is my sexy beest rah lol. im only 11 by the way the way who ever reads this im from leicester i w ent 2 c them in notingham on the 27th of march it was so fukin cool n hes died his heir black agen lol i rekcon he looked gay with red heir lol n then he looked good with blond now he looks evan better but he in amazing live i wa shoked n my m8 passed out lol it was well funny but eny way c ya x x x x x x x x x xx xx x x

  179. mcr fanatic(: Says:

    well. i think my friend’s sister look more like hanni

  180. mcr fanatic(: Says:

    wellwell, not hanni. i mean the video vixen. my friend’s sis looks more like her(:

  181. Sam(a girl) Says:

    he is totally crush worth, more than crush worthy. and u do resemble her very much.

  182. sam(im a girl) Says:

    nooooooooo!u cant be his lover. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    ok im freaking out

  183. Tina(MCR) Says:


  184. Tina(MCR) Says:


  185. Gerard Way Says:

    Hey I found your page, is it really yours? sorry i can type too much Ray needs to use the computer…by the way sorry to some of my fans that I couldnt make it on some tour dates, me and My Chemical Romance had food poisoning that day and were almost dying in our tour van. Bye wish to see you soon

  186. Gerard Way Says:

    Oh thats for complementing my looks…just change my picture on top please I look bad in that picture thanks.

  187. Candace Says:

    You know what??? Yes, Gerard is the awesomest singer, but you CANNOT forget about the rest of the band! Mikey, Frank, Ray, and Bob are awesome too!

    Sexiest Bassist = Mikey
    Sexiest Singer = Gerard
    Sexiest Rythm Guitarist = Frank
    Sexiest Guitarist = Afro Ray
    Sexiest Drummer = Bob

    I don’t think Gerard could ever go solo. They don’t have the many awards they do just because Gerard is sexi. Email me if you want to chat about it:

  188. Frankie Iero and Gerard Way Lover Says:

    Omg you do look like her it looks like theres two pics of you!

  189. ellis Says:

    u do look like her… i normally get compared to gerard, even tho im a girl…oh well…me and him have many freaky similarities

  190. Nah. Says:

    gerard suck’s

  191. EVA Says:

    hola mi nombre es Eva María,…cuando
    encontre esta page lo primero qe vino ami mente fue firmarla…
    en seriO sOi fiel admiradOra de MCR,,,,en especial del hOmbre mas
    guapO del mundO…de Gerard Way…. el es mi inspiraciOn,gracias
    a su canciOnes pude ver la vida desde Otra perspectiva…y encOntrar
    mi estilO. PARA:GERARD WAY me gustan muchO tus canciOnes,en
    especial la de: I don’t love… me encanta cOmO cantas,cOmO primera vez qe te vi fue en videO de HELENA,,y
    me empezO a gustar muchO,a tal gradO que deje atras
    mis gustOs para ser sOlO fan tuya…lo unicO qe qiero es
    conocerte, tOmarme fOtOs cOntigO,hablar cOntigO de
    nuestrOs gustOs; asi cOmO tambien hay gente que te
    apOya, tambien hay de la qe te odia,,,y sacan miles de
    rumores y dejame decirte que esto no es impedimentO
    para seguir creyendo en ti. siempre he soñado con conocerte,
    y la neta espero que se cumpla algun dia… qiero qe me saludes
    a tu hermano y atodos los integrantes de MCR… por favor
    lee esto que te escribo para que sepas lo que significas para
    mi,por que en mi mundo solo existes tú..mi mundo eres Tú…
    y no me importa lo que los demas piensen de ti… tu siempre
    vas a ser el hombre de mi vida,jamas vOii a cambiarte… porfavor
    vengan a México en especial a ciudad Acuña,Coahuila… tengo
    chorros de ganas de conocerte en persona y a todos los del grupo
    y teneer el mas hermoso de mis recuerdos en esta vida… Eso es todo,
    por favor consideren venir,,,Gerard I love u so much… sabes que jamas
    dejare de creer en ti… xoxo Eva♥

  192. ivy Says:

    i love you Gee

    you are all for me

    day and ever :P

  193. Nadia Says:

    hmm… I thinks that you don’t look like her…

  194. Lover Says:

    wait is that his real GF? Im confused

  195. Says:

    NAY! NAY NAY NAY NAY NAY!!! o.o i dont rele think u look like her… but ur pretty ne way… so is she… u just dont look like her at ALL … well maybe a little… but not all that much… >.

  196. marcela Says:

    my chemical romance es lo mejor no se x q hay personas q dicen q no….
    pero respeto su decision, digo, mientras no los insulten

  197. rosie Says:

    Heyya darling xxxx I dont think you look like her loads but there is somethig xxx I am not trying to offend you but i just don’t see a lot of resemblance between you as i said there is something but it doesn’t call out xxx I think if you did your hair like her and her earrings and do the same pose you have a good chance of looking like her xxx Luvyou all rosie xxxx A MASSIVE FAN OFF GERARD WAY I LOVE HIMISNT HE SO CUTE EVERY1 YOU HAVE SUCH A GOOD TASTE XX

  198. Distresed Says:

    HELP ME read all .

    [ in reply to —> katmandu who said the follwing scroll down for my thought:

    Wow. How do you know Gerard. It must be pretty cool just to hang out with him. I have like been in love with him since the first time I saw the video for “Helena”. My life’s dream is to meet him face to face. It would be awsome to know him personally. No I take that back it would be paradise to know him personally. But all I’m striving for is to meet him and maybe have the chance to walk away and for him to actually remember me. I don’t think I’m a normal fan. I know that sounds cliche (sorry girls, no offense) but I’m not. Just to know that I might, in some alternate reality, have some place in his world. Though it may be a very, very small place. Sorry to bore you. Please help me to learn more about him. Right now all I have of him is his music and the pety little details of his life that every Tom, Dick and Harry knows. I’m starved for knowledge of his personal life. HELP ME!! Or us really. The peole that reads these that is

    Im amazed to find this site,
    I thought i was insane, and wanted to die knowing i could never meet him, never be someone special in his life and the fact over a million girls ( overreacting } feel the same way about him.
    I feel exactly the same way. id sit there and cry myself to sleep for weeks on end,
    until i woke up to myself and realised im not getting anywhere.
    My frame of mind is Living to die i know its immature, selfish and insane, but i cant wait till i die.
    I close my eyes and think its all a bad dream. thats how i get by.
    Im suffering depression and none of my friends know why. i wont tell the phyciatrist.
    I think it started when i found out even after i died i still wont be able to stop feeling pain, for it wont make me get gerard . because he wont want me he wont know me, ( sorry letting my self go here ) This is when i didnt believe in god.
    thinking even god cant make u happy, with ur dream guy. his everyones ideal perfect man, i dont go out, i cry when i think to much of him, cant go to MCR concerts cause id burst out crying no idea why i dont have control of me anymore

    Im saying this calling to hear for a reply to confirm my sanity.
    I need serious help before i think of suicidal thoughts ( no pressure )
    so add on MSN

  199. Ana Says:

    i luv ya gee 4-ever!!!!!!

  200. mystical warrior Says:

    i think some people said theres no resemblence because their jealus.



    yes you do, especially if u died your hair the same colour.

    but dont, be yourself.

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